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About Me

My name is Christine Allen Kopin.  I grew up drawing princesses and riding horseback in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania.  I studied at the University of Delaware, then graduated from FIT in New York for Fashion Illustration.  I lived in the city for 10 years, where I met my husband, and then moved to Connecticut.  I have two teenaged children, who occupy much of my time.


I spent a total of 26 years with Ralph Lauren as an illustrator and then became their color specialist.  I started drawing my children from photographs after they went to bed, then couldn't quite find the time as they got older and began to fall asleep at the same time I did!  Now I'm working on illustrations and portraits on a more full-time basis.

I mainly work from photos.  I can take my own, or you may provide them.  I am not able to use professional photos, but they can help as extra references if necessary. All photos will be returned after I finish your piece.

Please contact me;  I'd love to discuss your illustration in more detail!

(my first business card when I was in college.)

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